I’m chilling on a seat somewhere (over)thinking……Music…….Where did it originate? How did it come to have so many genres? Why do I love music so much? This is the topic I’ve chosen to ponder, this chilly Wednesday morning at 1100hrs [for lack of a better thing to do].

I tend to consider a lot of times many of these ‘why’, ‘how’, ’what if’, ‘when’ queries don’t know why maybe it’s the thrill but anyway, deviating from the topic at hand a little, there’s one thing that really grinds my gears is how awesome the human brain is and how people have chosen to use it.

Scientists amaze me; these guys go as much as trying to explain the unexplainable. Take an example of how many theories they have come up with on how human beings came into existence. Evolution, big bangs and what not; the most common theory that grabs my attention is the theory against The Bible.
To some of them this Book is depicted as a false rendition given to man by a certain group of people and some even claim that it was not ‘written’ by God but instead, certain people are said to have seen that the world was in shambles: violence, rape, sodomy, murder, theft and other morally degrading evils and thus thought of a solution where all this would be curbed. They therefore came up with the Bible as a set of laws and standards for the socially decaying world. Theorists say that this is evident through the “numerous loop-holes in the bible stories”.

The best example I could give in this context is the story of our 1st family to set foot on the earth, Adam & Eve. For the naïve and faint-hearted, some of the documentaries that explain these theories have made some have a shake in faith and many have become atheists as a result.

In The book of Genesis Chapter 4, it says Adam & Eve had children, Cain and Abel. We all know of the story on how Cain killed Abel leaving him to be the only heir to Adam and Eve. Now due to his act, Cain was banished to be wandering off Eden.

Eve conceived later and bore the third son Seth. Cain is the father of the Edomites (he had a wife and children).where he got this wife there being 3 people on earth provides a loop-hole. Then Seth also had a wife and bore children and had many descendants thus tracing the lineage to us.

Theorists are very careful as they observe that Seth must have either had incestuous relations with his mother and sister.
This is scary and can be considered because as to some extent there is no proof of otherwise. There are many of these theories, some I’ve chosen not to read/share because I have my faith to standby.

Aaaaanyway on to music now, I always wonder why I love listening to music so much. Sometimes to cool my mood, relax nerves, sometimes to get me into a party mood, sometime because I’m bored then nikakumbuka some sermon I heard about how music is very influential in human lives despite the genre.

And so alisema if you look at Satan’s background, he is a fallen angel. Meaning he was once in heaven then akajidai Randy Orton and God cast him out along with some followers (demons). So huko heaven devo alikuwa leader wa mangoma. Lucifer was in charge of music hence the heavy influence secular music has (by now all ye bright people should be catching my drift). Makes you wonder doesn’t it. One of the things that holds me back from getting saved is that, “sasa ntakuwa naskiza gospel pekee?” What if Jesus comes back and I’m still asking that question. Wololo! Hmmmm.

Another thing, I have never been a fan of rock music and I’m not against anyone who is, but seriously SOME of these bands, what is that you guys sing? Worathoz names you give SOME of your bands? Then I had a “rumor” that all (I think) rock albums sell platinum, multi, triple, quadruple platinum times! But then again it may just be very good music with a swarm of fans and thus a truckload of critics……who am I to judge.


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