I loved my childhood. I pity and feel for anyone who did not have a blast in the past. By blast, I don’t mean getting served with roses by well-scented fairies that tend to your every need. I mean ugly goblins and gargoyles that screw your actions over and over again….
This is significantly symbolic to the roughness and hard times we experienced when we were kids. Say for example when you had your (ownership includes all your siblings) first bike.

There was always that big guy/group of guys that were also there to make your ‘riding’ experience a living hell. Your bike wouldn’t even last for more than 24hrs before this ruffian(s) would make a move on it always commenced by the common gesture of nipatie ride. Since your bike was new and you didn’t want to be the mtiaji of all kids, you would usually comply. Maybe the size of these buffoons would also be a factor but hey he will bring it back in time, won’t he won’t he won’t he???……

The agreement was that the idiot would bring the bike after going for one ‘lap’. You would wait and WAIT for it till the sun fries your forehead a little and you’re dripping wet off your own sweat. After retreating back home with futile results, a whole 3-4hrs would pass and that’s when the ticking clock matches with your heartbeat since dear old dad will pull up anytime soon….

Worry….. The bastard would then appear PUSHING the bicycle and with a grim look on his face. If you found a good one he would explain the whole escapade. If you found a bastard he would leave the wreck and run for his life before the government (your folks) came for him. When pops came in, stammering was quite evident in one’s talk as you would try to explain to mzee why & how your dear one day old bike was a mess.

Another funny thing when we were kids was the many times we would evade our own homes when any meal that wasn’t to your liking was prepared! Meals in this clique were usually mukimo, githeri, matoke etc.
All you had to do in such a case was befriend your ‘sonko’ neighbour (for that day hehe) whom you knew had the chance of having fries almost every day if not that; chaos and linger around long enough so that you would indulge in the tasty food, careful enough not to seem greedy and dependent. It was bad luck on your side if you would be chased away by one of those mean moms with a “Haya. Enda ukule lunch urudi” if your habits recurred. Lol

I used to hate those really annoying kids that would really get on my toddler nerves. Lemme give an example, those spoilt brats that would tell everyone your secrets, those senseless idiots that would go tell every one of what is in your house and what isn’t. The ones that would refuse to share their football, marbles, and worst of all not invite you to their birthday(s). Haha c’mon guys I know one of this has happened to y’all. But it’s cool if maybe you did some of that sh*t. “TV yenyu si kubwa kuliko yetuuuu…” need I say more?
When I was a kid I lived for the moment. To say the least, nobody gave a f*ck about how the day would end or how tomorrow would begin. .. ..

Chill out for more

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