So My remaining brain cells have been trying to remember what to write and finally the lights are back on and it’s time to get back in the high horse and ride…..okay let’s get to it then, I wonder which boy (and some girls) didn’t ride that bucket lid like a car??? It was either that or the ride in the ol’ wheel-barrow downhill look at the following beauty!!>>

Sadly to say that this is the equivalent of these quad-bikes we see some of these rugrats poppin up on nowadays. Compare and contrast the following (10mks) 🙂 🙂


Speaking of souped-up rides, who can forget the magnificent tyre! ……………

Wait, are those white kids?? hehe

NB: If you were innovative enough, especially in ocha you would incorporate those sticks and the mud/stuff inside for a smooth cruise… loam



Police and Robbers!!! This had to be the coolest, slickest, fun and indulging game of all {apart from ‘cha babaa na mamaa‘ of course :} don’t gimme that sly sneer, y’all know what I mean. The funny part of this game is that I always wanted to be a robber but I dunno why by default I always ended up being a cop…Eveeery time. I wonder who always came up with these games back in the day and too bad coz the kids in the coming generation will be riding spaceships and all… LOL.

Moving on smoothly >>>> Look at this baby right here…..


Where the hell are safari ants nowadays?? Okay I’m not/was not a bug-freak or anything of the sort but this I can bear witness, each one of us has encountered one (if not a hundred) of these dreadful creatures once in our lives. Damn, if you poised yourself on  that smooth, caressing semi-dry lawn just right, you would prove to be a fine subject to the animosity of these minute but lethal insects…. I choose not to share my tiny winy encounter for reasons best kept to self *soft chuckle*


My kid cousin can find his way more around new gadgets than I can. I’m saying this nigga can operate a 2030 iRobot (there’s no such thing :-p) if it came to him duck-taped while he was in his sleep… well I’m not proud of this but hey, they say we got to move as the world moves.


Too bad for my nigga there coz he will never get the chance to play with a football made out of paper, build those ‘grass traps’ we always did in the field, play  brikicho bantureh(Sp) and also play with this AWESOME tool :


The Fairtron GSR-1000 dated (90BC-2000AD)!!!!

This weapon of mass destruction first appeared in the book of Samuel & Kings in the Bible. At a certain date B.C. where some giant named Goliath…. yeah yeah you know how the story goes…

This gadget though a rare commodity among some, was equally shared among community members. My young nephew would probably take me for a Neanderthal if I presented it to him on his 9th birthday. 😀


Swimming! I had a crave for visiting shosh because of one thing, Rivers! The things one would do there. dufo-mpararo. .. .. Self explanatory


Okay not that we were cavemen but we also had had our swipe at evolving technology…..

Who can forget the Ending Man (Terminator) Video Game Console with game cartridges


  • Super Mario
  • Mario Bros
  • Contra
  • Batman
  • Tank3000
  • Duck Hunt
  • Clay Shooting
  • Street Fighter………………….. only to name a few


Ukona Cartridge??

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