We met at a club… an instance very awkward, so bizarre; I bumped into her curvaceous body as I was exiting the gent’s room. She smiled and I apologized as I looked down with a bagful of blush in my face. and we excused each other as parted ways. I couldn’t concentrate, I staggered across the walk-through and almost knocked down one of the many busy waiters which was followed by a rude, “Wewe kijana peleka pombe zako huko…”

I shrugged and squirmed through looking for my seat in distress. Had I drank that much?
I shook my head three times and felt my brain arguing in my stupor state. I glanced down on my beer bottle and managed a grin as I gulped the remaining half of the bitter drink. My boy Pete was busy making moves on the dance floor and at some point he glanced back to take a quick 1-2 check on me, see if I’m okay. I raised my hand back barely managing a wave and he nodded and went back to one of his schemes of impressing the pretty legs in short skirts surrounding him….
I managed a laugh and beckoned that same idiot of a waiter and gave him what seemed like Kes200 from my wallet and told him to get me a cold Pilsner. He looked at me with eeriness but went ahead to get my order. I noticed a familiar sweet scent coming from my hand and it was that kind of scent I presume is found in flowers and nectar that has an attracting effect on bees. I tried to recall its origin and that is when that pretty face, that long hair, that lingering smile came vividly in my mind. That beautiful lady, that figure of beauty and elegance that had accidentally bumped into me earlier. Mmmh I gave my hand a second whiff and grinned slyly from ear to ear. “I have to see her again!”……
My level 9 cloud of thinking was disrupted by a strong tug on the neck… Hey! “Wee msee wacha za ovyo na vile madame ni kibao!” ha-ha this guy never rests, I thought to myself. “Sawa I’m coming. Nangoja beer yangu ikuje”…
Then I saw her…. must have been her strong scent or my photographic memory that set her apart from the hundreds in the club. I sprang up and gave Pete a hard shove… he was left there mumbling some quick nasty words but fuck it, we had many more days to gravel with each other, fight and then reconcile. 9years of friendship has to account for something right? Because this? This I just had to get. I maneuvered my way quickly despite my drunken and clumsy structure… how was she moving so quickly with ease and agility? ….
“Hey!… ex…cuse me.” I managed to croak out through what seemed like 100,000 watts of loud music. Her hair flipped gracefully as she turned her head in surprise and for a few seconds I was in a trance just from the view. She halted and I reached up to her and told her I wanted (needed) to talk to her. She nodded and smiled again and my heart was at ease. She motioned for us to clear steer off the noise and leave the building 🙂

Time was of the essence and so I spat out my laments and showered her with as many one-liners (regardless of how cheap) as I had in my head. I guess I might have been reaaally hammered… To my dismay, she told me cheekily that one of her pals had shown her a drunken boy sitting alone, busy smelling his arm. {Damn it! my cover was blown!}
She grabbed my shoulder (I almost fainted) and assured me that all was well and that it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen. Her only worry was she found it pretty weird seeing this guy taking a whiff of his palm, since he’d been to the facilities & all… *chuckle chuckle* awwwkward … Well at least she remembered me.
By this time, we were getting really close to each other and as she was shorter than me I could see through her very tight translucent top and couldn’t keep my eyes on her… mmmh… I felt a bead of sweat trickle down my neck.
I don’t know which bastard shoved me from behind and this goddess had her face in mine, but I’m sure glad as hell he/she did it. One thing led to another and the next moment was filled with intense and sensual kissing.. Kissing that was out of this world… her luscious lips making mine tingle with each kiss. I could tell she really wanted to since she groped my head and arm from the back and drove it towards her… ohh boy did I really wish Pete was here to see this! A part of me wanted to get him and bring him to the scene but why ruin a perfectly good moment. …. … more kissing… …… …*
“Aiyayaya wee Imelda unadu?? F*&^ $#….!!!” She froze and bit my lip.

What the hell? I backed up and yes, this time louder I heard it again this time louder and gruffer.
“Huyu ni nani ehh??Muthaf&*%$#” I turned around in time to see a huge muscle-man darting towards us. That’s when unfortunately, my drunk ego caught up with me. “Fu!&$%!” I gasped. I looked at her and surprisingly saw her face turning a bit pale.
She started to mumble something at this huge goblin as I staggered back shaking my head furiously in disbelief. There were many things that I couldn’t connect together.

Why would she do that? Did she mean it? Did she know he was there? Before I could add one and one together, I felt what was like a huge anchor smack me across my jaw. Pow… I must have been levitating for over three seconds because I tumbled and fell hard on the hard concrete.
I tried lifting my head up but it was impossible at this point. I felt something warm gushing out of my mouth and my vision was obscured and blurry. That was that… the air turned into a vacuum and everything turned black.


4 thoughts on “She …

  1. I just picked this article to read and I was captivated by your style of writing. I almost felt as if I was there witnessing every single detail. Keep it up!!

  2. Hahahaha damn, sorry your moment got cut short. At least Pete did not witness any of that because he would tease you forever haha. It is a great piece though

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