Chelsea FC. a.k.a The Blues, The Pensioners ,The Blue Lions etc  A football club based in Fulham, London started in 1905 with Stamford Bridge as it’s home and fortress.

This is the post where i will actually confess all my true love to the club and also fill you in on a little somethin’ somethin’ as to why i fell in love in this beauty.

We as ChelseaFC fans (yes I used plurality) have been smashed with massive criticism in the past/present . and constantly labelled as ‘plastic fans’ or fake football fans, opportunists… bla bla bla.

Well, shut up already. you are going to hear my reasoning and accept it the way it is…(well you have no choice anyway  :-p ).So thing is, many of this ‘plastic people’ you say joined Chelsea in 2005 during the special one(Mourinho)’s tenure at The Bridge. i might agree with you. But to some extent,not quite correct.

Take me for example, i had started spotting my ‘football heroes’ starting from the year 2000 as a mere std 5 student.

This was influenced by the likes of Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, John Terry (God Bless these men)

, F.Cannavaro, Pavel Nedved, Buffon , Vieira, Beckham, Zola, Makelele, Ballack, Hasselbaink,Bergkamp, M.Owen, Desaily,Ljunberg, Fowler, Gudjohnsen, Ronaldhino, Raul, Carlos, Cafu, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo ,Ronaldinho, Roy Keane,…. well, the list is endless and sheer brilliance is just one of the words that you would use to define such class.

Therefore with all these guys above, it was difficult in choosing one particular team as a favourite therefore those were the days you would enjoy football sit back and watch the goals going in. 
Then came that point where now i had to choose my stand.

Well those who know my ego and i very well, also know that in almost everything i do i like to be unique. Unique in a sense that i don’t like to associate myself in a group when it comes to selecting interests.  
Yeah , i know what you are all thinking… ” too many managers, inconsistent results, Abramovich era,’splashing money’ bla bla bla… ” please shut up…shut the hell up.

Over the years, I have had 10 managerial changes to succumb to (the Fat Spanish Waiter included)

,and throughout the 12+ year spell, i can’t say our the number of won trophies is meagre because, *insert Drake’s Started from the bottom*  since we all start from somewhere :-p

<==== At least this idiot helped us clinch the 2013 Europa League Title & finishing 3rd in the recently concluded #BPL.
Thanks FSW, but you’re still a c*nt 😀

OK, I don’t know why y’all chose your teams, but i can give you quite a number of reasons that come into mind: (correct me if I’m wrong….. I’m not)

  • The club has an illustrious history (you’re an opportunist too dummy!!)
  • Everybody is doing it
  • My father/brother supported it, why shouldn’t I?
  • My boyfriend supported the club so automatically…. (Most girls i know)
  • My favourite players are here (very few people select a club based on this criteria)
  • I randomly picked the club
  • I like their colours (he he he!)
  • I want to be unique(Non-Applicable to Manchester United & Arsenal FCs)
  • I want a club that’s winning trophies
  • I’m afraid of what people will say
I make a lot of sense,yes??
 So before i leave, i wanted to tell you block heads one thing, respect is key in all this. I don’t condemn the ‘shifters’ and watermelons(green on the outside,red on the inside) of football.

That’s why even the most players who were thought to be loyal ,*chuckles*, ask for transfers.

Tevez, Adebayor, Gallas(debatable), Sol Campbell, Figo, etc etc (I intentionally left out Ashley Cole) but i won’t forget the Brazilian Ronaldo who played for Barcelona then Real Madrid (Arch-Rivals), He also played for Inter Milan before moving to AC Milan (Arch-Rivals).

Lol. Even Daniel Agger was unhappy with RvP

Then in recent times, we have the Dutchman Robin Van Persie.  i won’t dwell on that much, he’s been trolled enough (i feel your pain Arsenal fans haha). He chose Manure United because he wanted to win trophies,  chose the No.20 jersey because he was sure they were winning their 20th title(which they did).. *sigh*


In conclusion I think everyone has his/her own right to support whatever team so don’t go out lashing at others whereas your own decisions were as ‘plastic’ as the other guy it’s just that you don’t know it yet.

Final remarks: Suarez’s target ‘meal’ should have actually been RvP instead of Ivanovic ====>.

Peace out Bitches!

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