7PM and it was raining cats and dogs in Nairobi. Zoe was late to leave the office because of some unfinished reports she had to complete and e-mail to her boss for a client presentation the next day. She glanced at the vibrating hTC on her desk and the backlight shone on her face highlighting her bright eyes. Alexa was calling.

“Babe, mambo?” Alexa asked.

“Fit sana girl…” Zoe replied. “Before you start… Aki I know. I haven’t been on WhatsApp. Work is killing me. Imagine I’m still at jobo…”

“What!? shit. It’s bloody after 7… Kwani the boss doesn’t have huruma leo? And the way it’s pouring outside! You’re gonna be late Zoe.” She said sharply.

Alexa was Zoe’s best friend. They’d known each other from her flat-chested years into their early 30s. She had arranged to have a sleepover at her place. They’d not seen each other in weeks anyway. Alexa was lucky, she had asked to leave work at 3pm that day to ‘prepare’ . . .

Zoe’s WiFi was off. She was avoiding those paragraphs on her WhatsApp inbox (Alexa was a heavy texter). “She probably wants to know if I remembered to carry those Khaleesi pajamas for Game Of Thrones theme night. Who has themed sleepovers? Extraa.” Zoe had thought to herself chuckling.

Back to the phonecall. “But you said tomorrow you’re not working right?”, you could hear the impatience from Alexa’s voice.

“No.” Zoe retorted. “Max is conducting the meeting. But he needs these sent to him by tonight so he goes over them for his presentation.”

Max was her boss.

“Imagine just come and work from here Zoe. I’m worried. It doesn’t look good outside…” Alexa said, her voice trailing.

“Gimme 15 more minutes, I lock up, get an Uber and-“

“Wait, you’re alone?” Alexa interjected. “Are you serious? Hapana. Kuja tu saa hii. I’ll help you with the reports.”

“Yes, everyone left early today. Plus you know how it is girl. We chose the grind, the grind didn’t choose us.” Zoe said tilting her wrist to look at her watch. “I’m coming as soon as I’m done, sawa?”

“Okay then, see you.” Alexa uttered with a sigh as she hang up the phone. She clearly was upset.

Zoe shrugged and placed her phone down. After a few mouse clicks and keyboard punches, she proofread the documents, saved her work and sent the email anxiously waiting to leave.

Hello Maxwell, please find the reports attached.

PS: I’ve not yet left the office. I hope you nail that presentation!



She hastily grabbed the wine bottle she’d bought at the store, put it into her bag next to her Khaleesi PJs (of course she’d remembered), reached for her scarf and wrapped it round her neck tightly.

She picked her phone up, switched on her data and tried to hail an Uber.

3.1X Surge Pricing. Just my luck.” She thought. She went to the window to have a look outside. There was massive traffic and the rain kept pounding hard. She shuddered. The weather forecast guys had missed it yet again; no one had thought it would rain that day, it hadn’t in months. She cussed under her breath as she tried to use the other taxi apps on her phone. Most drivers seemed to be too far away from where her office was and some even rejected her request. The network connection was also quite wonky so she decided to just lock up everything and get to the ground floor of the building to try again from there. She wore her sweater, picked up her things and left the office. She got to the entrance and smiled at the guard who seemed quite shocked to see her.

“Hello Joseph. Wah, na si kunanyesha.” She said, feeling a bit dumb after stating the obvious. He nodded and tried to assure her that it might reduce after a while. They both knew that was a lie. It was 8PM now. The cab guy that had finally accepted her request was approximately 30-40 minutes away. Her eyes were wide with worry. She stood there hugging her dress; shivering and looking at her phone every other minute. Joseph had offered her a seat but she declined politely. She never likes sitting down when anxious.

Then she heard a familiar voice coming from behind. “Zoe? What are you still doing here?” She looked back in surprise and delight in equal measure. It was Liam.

“Well what are you doing here?” She replied smiling. He bent down and hugged her, his arms reaching and squeezing her short frame, his cologne all so ever distinct. (She loved it.)

He laughed and explained how they had a Skype meeting that evening with some of the international directors that had taken more time than expected.

“So how are you gonna get home?” He asked with a bit of concern.

She glanced at her phone, then outside and then back at her phone as she explained the situation. “Imagine these bloody taxi apps have failed me today. I guess the rain caught everyone off-guard.” The cab was still a cool 20 minutes out and it felt like a lifetime.

“Well, come on. Let me change into my costume and I’ll fly you home.” He said grinning from ear to ear.

“Why would you have to change to fly? In this weather, you should actually cover up more.” She quipped, trying to maintain a straight face. (She really was happy to see him)

He laughed. More so because of how his joke had backfired.

Liam and Zoe had been friends for a while. He worked in the bank 6 floors above her office. They had actually been out for a couple of coffee and happy-hour dates but always among friends. However, what they had was friendly and casual but you could tell there was something between them. They always seemed to be on the same wavelength. None of them dared bring it up, none of them knew how to despite both of them being single. They were both focused on work, each bee busy buzzing in its respective hive.

Zoe was quite pretty. Her lady curves complemented her shortness. She always had her hair down, she thought it made her look more serious and she was elegant in her step. He liked her focus, her bubbly personality and was also sapiosexually attracted to her. She liked how sharp he always looked, his cologne, his strong work ethic, his (occasionally dry)jokes, again- his cologne and his vast taste in music.

Joseph wished them both a good night and held the door as they both darted towards the parking.

“I’m actually heading to my pal’s place tonight for a sleepover. You remember Alexa, right?” Zoe said as Liam started the car. “Yeah of course. We met at Tamasha right? She’s cool. I liked her dance moves.”

“Yes, yes, her.” Zoe responded trying to hide the jealousy in her voice. “She lives in Kile just after Shell petrol station, to your left. I’ll show you. And boss, where’s that old-school RnB disc you always have playing? Play that.”

They spent around an hour or two on the road, no one bothered to look at the time. They were both were in their own world; talking, singing, laughing and more singing. She felt so comfortable in his space and was savouring every moment. She watched him speak, articulate in all sorts, sharp as ever, maneuvering through the streets of Nairobi like a guru. Truth is, she adored him. but he’d never know that. Men are supposed to read these signs anyway.

“We’re here! You said Githunguri road right? Yuup. Tumefika” Liam said suddenly, interrupting her thought process. She nodded slowly, looking a bit surprised (disappointed) that the ride didn’t last as long as she’d hoped. He parked a few meters before Alexa’s posh apartment building near a quiet street enclosed in a beautiful dimly lit grove in the lush Kileleshwa area.

It was 9:46 PM.

She thanked him for the ride and the chivalry, leaned over, hugged him and a planted a kiss on his cheek. She then (very hesitantly) tried opening her door but it didn’t budge. 

“Oh, sorry but uhm… that door is somewhat jammed. I’m sorry but you’ll have to use the window, Zoe.” He joked, moving his hand towards the power window button. She cackled with laughter.

The car windows had misted over so much and the downpour outside incessantly continued. Liam switched the car off and was about to get out so he could open her door. She grabbed his arm and he was taken aback and looked back at her blankly. She looked deep into his confused eyes, her beady eyes piercing into his soul and he froze like a mannequin. He leaned over and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. She put her hand on his bearded chin and pulled his lips to hers. The kiss was intense and lasted about a minute. One of her favourite songs Down 4 U by Ja Rule and Ashanti was playing in the background. Of perfect moments.

He parted her lips with his tongue and put it in her mouth. She fondled his chest and went up to the nape of his neck brushing it softly. She grabbed his shirt by the collar, pulled herself to his body as their tongues tangoed in her mouth. His huge palms stroked past her bosom and onto her thigh and she squirmed in anticipation. She took his hand and placed it on her chest. He could feel her palpitating heart and he squeezed a bit harder. She let out a muffled mmmh and put her tongue in his mouth, wiggling it around hard. He glided the driver seat behind and she immediately held him by the neck and pushed him to the head rest. “I want you in my mouth”, she said breathing heavily. She never thought she’d utter such words to him but she was already in too deep. He did not speak but nodded in approval. She looked down at his pants and rubbed his member through them; he was already ready. She unbuttoned them, unzipped them and took her trophy out. She seemed pleased with what she saw as she took him, inches deep and twirled her tongue round it. her gentle hands massaging it and appreciating him.

“Fuck…” He managed to utter in between deep grunts, rolling his eyes and shutting them in a craze. She had evidently been wanting to do this for a while; her fantasies were slowly unveiling. She magically worked his gear stick, slow and fast when she deemed necessary. He was going nuts. Her knees were on her car seat and her dress had slightly gone up exposing her black lace thong panties engulfed by her thick jiggling behind. His long arms were reaching up to her sexy derrière and giving it a soft spank and she was bobbing her head faster and faster. He had to stop her there; he could not lose this battle, he’d indeed waited for this moment for a very long time. He held her face between his large hands like you would a small bird and lifted her up. She licked her lips and looked at him devilishly. He went to her, tilted her head and kissed her neck gently, nibbling on it and caressing her soft breasts as he did so. She moaned and rubbed his head as his hands rubbed her all over. He then pulled back, reclined his car seat all the way down. She looked at him, gleam in her eyes and lust in her loins. “Take your panties off. I want you on my mouth.” Liam told her sternly.

Her eyes lit up with desire as she quickly obliged and took her soaked panties off. He then lay back on his seat and motioned for her to come up to his face. In a few moments she was on him and he was lapping all her juices up. She barely held on to her dress as his tongue licked her flower and sucked on her button. “Oh my god…” she’d occasionally whisper through her moans. He held her butt tightly; spread her cheeks open to get more. His hot breath on her muffin catalyzed her flow and her wetness freely dripped down to his beard as she steadily rode his face. He scooped, sucked and licked her flesh and she cried out, totally frenzied. He wanted to make her happy. Where his jokes had failed, Liam made up with his tongue. She got weak and her thighs trembled and clasped his face for support. She now wanted him so bad.

Zoe held Liam’s face and held his cheeks together and kissed him deeply, tasting her own nectar on his lips and on his tongue. “Yum.”, she said bawdily. She then reached over to his mast and rubbed it slowly as she looked into his eyes, his bright vulnerable puppy eyes that she’d fell in love with from the first day. She lifted her dress as she straddled him and flicked his pole all over her wet lips back and forth till it was completely drenched. He twitched with excitement, nodded his head furiously and they both gasped as she slid his key into her lock. She quivered as he held her ass tight, thrusting deep as she rode him up and down. The thrill was overwhelming. She had one hand on the roof of the BMW 535i and another was holding onto Liam’s neck. Their movements simulated a boat sailing in a gust of windy seas. Time stopped being a factor. All she wanted was him and all he wanted was her; together they were unstoppable. She went down and kissed him with sincere passion as she felt him deep, plunging into her whole world, one inch at a time. She bit his lip and he grunted softly smacking her butt as he squeezed it in his warm hand. His muscles relaxed as she took him and made him powerless. She put her arms around him, went up to his ear and whispered softly, “Come into Zoe’s world…” She’d never looked so sexy. Liam was entangled in her trance and she knew it. He looked into her eyes and put his hands into hers. She pinned him down and every nerve on her body tingled from reaching its pleasure peak. She felt his muscles tighten and she knew the boats were about to dock. With a few more gasps, moans and thrusts they both quaked as she squeezed him tight as a python does its prey. Intense breathing, eruption, heavy sweating, deep kisses and fireworks ensued from their lovemaking; the rain thumping hard on the car bonnet as if to applaud them. Her body collapsed onto his and they lay there catching their breath.  She had her eyes shut tight as she stroked his beard. His hand was on her waist. She wanted this moment to last forever.

Vrrr Vrrrrr! Vrrr Vrrrrr! Vrrr Vrrrrr!

“Damn. My phone!?” Zoe cried out. She slowly came off him; reached for her bag, fumbled with its contents, to pick her phone up. 1 Missed call – Alexa. 1/16 missed calls that is, 4 of them from the cab guy she’d totally ignored. She cleaned up, helped him zip up his pants and looked at him with a pouting lip. “You have to go. I know Zoe. This was… Uh.. this was…” He started. She placed a finger on his lips and then kissed him.

“Shhh. Please tell me when you get home and please be safe. I’m serious” Zoe told him in a firm voice. He opened his door and without warning jumped out. She smiled sheepishly and watched him go round the car to open her door. He had pulled his jacket on top of his head to try shield himself from the rain as he opened her door. She packed her things, had one more quick look inside the car and got out. She’d never thought car interiors were this huge.

“A super hero’s jacket for my lady.” Liam said loudly as he covered her with the jacket. She embraced him with delight and started jogging towards Alexa’s house. “Tell me when you get home!” she said as she waved goodbye.

“You too! Haha.” He shouted as he got back into his car. He reached for his car keys and something fell out his pocket. “Nasty girl.”, he said in excitement as he unfolded Zoe’s panties then tucked them back in. He waited for her to get to the porch and then honked twice and drove off quickly.

“Damn it! Do you know how many times I called?? Bitch what is wrong with you? It’s 11:30! I almost called your folks by the way… and Max. What happened to you? Was that your Uber? Zoe if you don’t start talking I swear…” Alexa was furious, happy, sad, excited all in one cup.

“Relax dear. I’m fine. I just got a little rain on me.” Zoe said softly as Alexa shut the door. She was examining Zoe carefully as she talked, like one would a stray cat.

“Sawa, come on then. Let’s get you warm as you tell me all about it.”

30 thoughts on “Rain On Me …

      1. Mhhh i can’t believe i never read this. This is my second best article i have enjoyed reading after endangered specie. Keep up the good work.

  1. So you’ve started writing erotica?…

    I don’t know how I feel about that. Only that, I imagine car sex is a bit clumsy. Not once did anyone hoot accidentally? Unbelievable!

      1. Some cars don’t just hoot unnecessarily. When unwanted. A beamer is such a car. And especially with the drivers seat pushed backward and Inclined.
        Ian hit it well though. That if the tongue doesn’t roll out the joke well it can always make up.
        This is a good start for a Friday.

  2. Mhhh i can’t believe i never read this. This is my second best article i have enjoyed reading after endangered specie. Keep up the good work.

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