I’m chilling on a seat somewhere (over)thinking……Music…….Where did it originate? How did it come to have so many genres? Why do I love music so much? This is the topic I’ve chosen to ponder, this chilly Wednesday morning at 1100hrs [for lack of a better thing to do]. I tend to consider a lot of… Read More Contemplation

Clubbin ‘Ethics’ 101

Time 12.35pm. Date: Monday 13th June. I’m seated at the office bored as usual and yearning for the clock to trend faster and for me to receive the tunes of one zilizopendwa tune….. (D.O Misianis’ old time hit, “LUNCH TIME!” Sasa ni lunchi time tufunge makazi, twende kwa chakula, tuje tena saa …) hehe I just like the way that guy in the next office (anonymous during peak hours) is very quick to… Read More Clubbin ‘Ethics’ 101