We met at a club… an instance very awkward, so bizarre; I bumped into her curvaceous body as I was exiting the gent’s room. She smiled and I said sorry as I looked down with a bagful of blush in my face… we excused each other as we resumed to our individual ways. I couldn’t concentrate. I staggered across the walk-through and almost knocked down… Read More She….

Clubbin ‘Ethics’ 101

Time 12.35pm. Date: Monday 13th June. I’m seated at the office bored as usual and yearning for the clock to trend faster and for me to receive the tunes of one zilizopendwa tune….. (D.O Misianis’ old time hit, “LUNCH TIME!” Sasa ni lunchi time tufunge makazi, twende kwa chakula, tuje tena saa …) hehe I just like the way that guy in the next office (anonymous during peak hours) is very quick to… Read More Clubbin ‘Ethics’ 101